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PW - Isadore Chandler by Rosalaine PW - Isadore Chandler by Rosalaine

Isadore Valentine Chandler
♕ Age ♕
♕ Year ♕
Year 1 - Elementary
♕ Birthday ♕
May 18th

♕ Role ♕
N / A
♕ Abilities ♕
N / A
♕ Rank ♕
Class 3 - Pawns

♕ Personality ♕
|:bulletwhite:| Affectionate |:bulletwhite:| Compassionate |:bulletwhite:| Excitable |:bulletwhite:| Loyal |:bulletwhite:| Decisive |:bulletwhite:|
|:bulletblack:| Cowardly |:bulletblack:| Crybaby |:bulletblack:| Dramatic |:bulletblack:| Naive |:bulletblack:| Quarrelsome |:bulletblack:|

A child that was clearly loved, perhaps excessively, by his parents, Isadore is a fairly good kid, but one that shows signs of being undeniably spoiled. While he can be quite a brat at times, especially when it comes to getting what he wants, the boy is incredibly affectionate towards those he grows attached to. In fact, could easily describe him as cuddly if they get to know him. Those who get to see this side of him will also be rewarded with his loyalty. While he can be a bit slow to warm up to strangers, once he does he is a devoted friend, willing to stick by them through anything, however, once he is really hurt he doesn't forgive easily - or at all. In most cases, Isa is not an especially energetic child, and he would much rather spend his time observing than actually involving himself, but when it comes to something he is passionate about he can be incredibly excitable, to such an extent that there really is no calming him down. Once the boy is focused on something, his energy is nearly tireless, and he will rarely stop until he is entirely exhausted.

A relatively confident young boy, Isadore is also notable decisive - the sort who makes a decision without hesitating, and follows through with it. Of course, this trait is typically positive, though at times he is just downright stubborn with it. Even if the decision he makes is likely to turn out poorly, he will rarely let his mind be swayed. However, he means no harm in this, and the one thing that does seem to change his mind once it's set is the possibility that someone else will be hurt. A compassionate child, he is the type who lends a shoulder to cry on even at a young age, though it's quite likely he will end up crying too. A dramatic young boy, Isa is the type who gets worked up easily, and often for very little reason. In most cases, it's best to let him do his own thing and not pressure him too much, and he is quick to grow agitated and throw a tantrum. Definitely a crybaby, anyone who upsets him is likely to be greeted by a waterfall of tears. However, he has also learned that crying is a way to get what he wants, and won't hesitate to turn on the water works even when not upset at all.

While not physically aggressive, Isadore can be rather quarrelsome, often getting into arguments with other children over trivial matters. With his dramatic nature, this tends to spiral into quite a fit, and one can expect both anger and tears if they engage into verbal-combat with him. However, if things turn physical, even if it's as minor as hair-pulling, he is quick to back down. Quite cowardly, one will never see him getting into a physical conflict. Instead, he will resort to a weepy puddle, with the expectation that his twin will come and defend him. Though he can be difficult, Isa does not mean any harm. He is a fairly naive child, who doesn't quite understand action and consequence yet. His intentions are nothing more than that of a spoiled boy trying to get his way.

♕ History ♕
The second-born son of Richard and Abagail Chandler, a happy loving couple Isadore entered the world only eleven minutes after his identical twin, Vaughn, thus beginning an inseparable bond between the two infants. From the moment they were born, there was no separating him from his brother. Of course, there was rarely reason to do so. Showered with love and attention, Isa was the definition of a happy, if spoiled, baby, despite having a rather whiny disposition at times. As he grew, he quickly learned, however, that tears were the key to getting anything he wanted, making him, perhaps, the less well-behaved of the twins, as he really would not hesitate to throw a tantrum if he didn't get his way. Regardless, his life was a happy one, spent alongside his mother and twin on most days, as his father, more often than not, had work keeping him busy. While Vaughn was quite involved in their mother's sewing, he was much more entertained with his own things, so long as his brother was within sight.

While his mother sewed and Vaughn 'helped', Isa most often spent his time scribbling away on paper, creating the masterpieces only a toddler could create, and playing with his beloved stuffed bear. However, while he wasn't too curious about the process, he was always quite interested in the results of his mother's sewing, and was more than happy to model whatever clothing she fashioned for the pair, and his plushie, when he could convince her to sew a miniature version - which thankfully was not difficult. Eager to dress up and accessorize, he happily wore whatever the proud mother asked, and well, sometimes got into clothing that wasn't his to wear, given the opportunity to raid his parents' wardrobe. Though his attachment to his brother was undeniably strong, Isa also adored both his parents too, enjoying any time spent with them, especially when it was spent as a family of four.

The day the twins fell into the rabbit hole would have been one of those days, a trip for the happy little family to the Lewdell Park, alas, their father was called away on a business meeting. Unfortunate as this was, Abigail decided to take the two herself, and the day was going well enough. In the commotion and excitement, however, the pair were separated from their mother. Of course, this wasn't something they noticed right away, and soon enough the two were off, chasing an interesting white rabbit through the park, Vaughn leading him along. Sure enough, like many other children, they soon tumbled hand-in-hand down the rabbit hole and found themselves in Wonderland.

♕ Trivia ♕
:bulletgreen: Mirror Image Twin, meaning the twins are identical but opposite, much like a reflection in a mirror. This ranges from visual details, such as the way the hair parts or the location of moles, to matters such as what hand they write with, to the positioning of internal organs. This occurs when the fertilized egg splits later than normal.
:bulletblue: Has natural full Heterochromia Iridum, meaning one iris is a different color from the other iris. This is not a change that has occurred in Wonderland.
:bulletgreen: Birthmark on cheek, located under eye, is somewhat heart shaped but imperfect as moles typically are.
:bulletblue: Extremely attached to stuffed bear. Often talks to and dresses it up. Before falling through the rabbit hole, he had a full wardrobe of mini clothes for it sewed by his mother, however now he is attempting to make a uniform for it out of paper. He still has one outfit for it, though he has hidden it away in fear it would get ruined.
:bulletgreen: May wear hair clips with both the wonderland outfit and the school uniform. Clips can vary in design and color but are usually cute or flowery.

♕ Relations ♕
:bulletwhite: Friend :bulletwhite:
:bulletblack: Enemy :bulletblack:
:bulletyellow: Alive :bulletyellow:
:bulletpurple: Deceased :bulletpurple:
:bulletpink: Love :bulletpink:
:bulletgreen: Like :bulletgreen:
:bulletblue: Neutral :bulletblue:
:bulletorange: Dislike :bulletorange:
:bulletred: Hate :bulletred:

|:bulletwhite:|:bulletyellow:|:bulletpink:| Richard & Abigail Chandler |:bulletpink:|:bulletyellow:|:bulletwhite:|
"I miss mummy and daddy, but at least I still have Vaughn.."

|:bulletwhite:|:bulletyellow:|:bulletpink:| Vaughn Chandler |:bulletpink:|:bulletyellow:|:bulletwhite:|
"My brother! I'm sad when he's not with me, and he's more fun to be around than anyone else! I don't like when we're apart."

|:bulletwhite:|:bulletpink:| Paris |:bulletpink:|:bulletwhite:|
Stuffed Bear
"My bear, I like to dress him up and hug him. He's mine. Vaughn is allowed to touch him, nobody else though."

Role Play Info
Please note me to arrange RP.
Strictly Para/Lit // Most Content Acceptable
Chat -- Open
Notes -- Open
Skype -- Open
Google Docs -- Open

(c) Rosalaine
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